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Used DEMO 2014 12m Ben Wilson Noise Pro

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This kite was used as a demo at Ocean Extreme Sports and is still in great condition! No rips, tears or repairs!

BWS head Kite & Product designer – Dano See is a perfectionist and this shows in every detail of the Noise Pro. He has produced a wave riding Kite in a league of its own. Unmatched down the line Drift, ‘Consistent Drive’ custom wingtip design and new direct rear line steering enhances rider feedback but eliminates stalling in any part of the wind window especially on the up stroke.

With the light 3 strut design reducing weight, refined curve through the profile and a super short no tangle bridle configuration offering rock solid rider stability when you need it most while riding waves.

All this with a super smooth delivery and faster air speed so your riding your Surfboard with enhanced forward momentum.

The Noise Pro’s overall simplicity lets you focus on riding the wave not the kite which makes this the most versatile wave riding tool on the Surf/Kite market to date.

Teijan Canopy & DP Dacron, strongest in industry.

Custom wingtip design:
The BWS ‘Consistent Drive’ Wingtip design allows full flow through turns and NO stalling or dead spots.

EPI, Express Point Inflate:
Single Entry Inflation Valve for pumping up the entire kite at one time. Small clips separate each strut chamber from the leading edge.

3 Strut hybrid design:
Lightweight and reliable. Medium thickness struts for solid canopy shape, no flutters.

1 Piece bladder:
Less welds = less chance of blowing out a seam.

Compact with one pulley in the upper cascade for smoother depower and handling. All wearing lines have been removed. All rider control is direct.

Pump Valves:
Intake valve pump attachment: Only one place to pump your kite from. Outflow dump valve: A larger valve for getting the air out of your kite quickly when packing up. EPI nipples: These are the connection valves for the EPI system connecting the airflow of the LE to the struts. These are designed as small as possible to stop bridle snagging.

Attachment points:
Multiple reinforced LE webbings for bridle attachment. Sewn into LE frame for extra surf strength.

Dacron trailing edge:
Dacron is a thick, tough material used in the LE and Struts. We use this on the Trailing edge and around the struts to strengthen the connection between the canopy and the structural frame. It also stops tears.

All Strut and LE seams are 10mm overlapping and reinforced with a 15mm seam tape. On the canopy we use a glued flat seam rather than the traditional over locking seam. The flat seam offers a double layer of cloth at the join which strengthens each thread hole and aligns the panels for the most precise build.

Scuff guards:
The right amount of Scuffs in all the right places. Positioned so your kite will withstand being dragged over rough surfaces and not compromise the weight and strength.