Rush IV 300

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The foundational kite flying skills needed for kiteboarding, kite-surfing, snow-kiting, landboarding and other traction kite sports are best learned by starting with a trainer kite.  Accelerate your kite flying skills with the Rush IV Pro Models.  The Rush IV 300 is an affordable, safe and super easy trainer kite to use.

The Rush IV Pro is the least expensive of the HQ trainer kite models, but should not be mistaken as a lower quality kite. It allows people to progress in their kite  flying skills before diving into instructional classes needed for flying the larger power kites.


HQ Kites' Description:

The Rush IV and V Pro has a  low aspect profile with more performance than ever before. The Rush IV (4) Pro series are the easiest kites for beginners to learn kitebaording and built to last.  They are equipped with a third line for effortless reverse relaunches and ultimate safety, the Rush III Pro series is the perfect trainer kite for a fast learning curve.

Rush Pro IV & V Features:

  • Reverse re-launch with third line
  • Third line depower for safety
  • Very smooth and stable flying characteristics
  • Highly resistant to overflying or luffing Very Consistent pull
  • Wide wind range and Ready to Fly!
  • Durable construction with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle
  • Flying lines already attached to the kite
  • Excellent light wind performance
  • New profile and shape
  • Includes leash line with „shock absorber“
  • Includes Rectangular backpack for storing the kite