Riviera 11'6 Paddleboard

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The Original 11'6 Paddle Board from Riviera is now 15% Off.

The Original 11'6x33" Stand Up Paddleboard is Ocean Extreme's number one selling SUP for larger guys or anyone looking for maximum stability on flat water or in the Ocean. Our customers love this board because it offers stability, ease of use and durability all at an affordable price.

The size and shape of this board makes it a great first board that paddles flat water well and also catches waves with ease for an entry level sup surf shape. 33" wide is a good size for your first paddleboard if you're over 200lbs or are just looking for a really stable board. 

This board comes with a single center fin setup.  

Full Dimensions: 11'6 x 33" x 4.5" 210L 26LBS

Is the 11'6 the right choice for me? 

Is this your first paddleboard? Do you plan on paddling more flat water than the surf? Do you weigh more than 200lbs? If you answered yes to most of these questions the 11'6 is the perfect board choice.

If you weigh less than 200lbs or are looking for a more challenging board, check out the 10'6x32" Riviera for the same price.  

Durability & Weight

We sell hundreds of paddleboards and the two most important qualities people are looking for in a board are durability and weight. Riviera has done an excellent job bringing a price point board to market with some nice features to enhance it's durability. 

The Riviera 11'6 has a Carbon Deck Patch where you stand as well as Kevlar glassed into the rails for added re-enforcement in high impact spots on the board. This has prevents the deck from sinking in over time and the rails can take an absolute beating from a paddle. The boards are painted in a high grade automotive paint so it will chip, scratch & ding if dropped or hit on something.

Riviera 11'6 Paddleboard construction