Prolimit Kiteseat Combo

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Neoprene cushioned leg straps

-Super comfort on high load leg straps on kite seats

Back support control system

-Back support adjustment for different body shapes and postures

Elastic belt closure

-Front closure on seats keeps the harness body in total contact

3D seat shaping

-Our anatomically correct shaping allows for comfort and no riding up


All-round optimized outline profile

-Medium back and side profile that works for freeride and wave

Duracore webbing

-Custom weave webbing with high thread-count for durability

MPL Quad

-4 point webbing belt inserts spread loads over the harness

Patented PIN release

-Click-in/click-out spreader bar keeping it’s optimal shape and strength

Internal load plate Mark I

-A Flex optimized load plate for more flexible harnesses