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Progression Intermediate DVD

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Progression Intermediate DVD

Kiteboarding Progression: Intermediate takes instructional video to a whole new level. If you’re an intermediate kitesurfer, Progression is the ultimate tool to guide you to the next level of performance.

Progression: Intermediate focuses on three manoeuvres; back loop, forward loop, and transitions. Each of these rotations is presented in three stages, or ‘progressions’. Beginning with the basics, you are introduced to the ‘key elements’ that you need to master, such as legs, head and shoulders, and kite. As you move through the progressions, the developing role of each ‘key element’ is perfectly illustrated and explained.

Stunning photography presents each manoeuvre in perfect clarity. Coupled with our presentational techniques and learning oriented extra features section, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each manoeuvre than you ever thought possible.

The feature movie is 86 minutes long, shot in broadcast quality video. Progression: Intermediate was filmed and edited entirely in Widescreen, and the sound was upgraded and mixed to create a Dolby Digital 5.0 surround sound soundtrack. Red Snapper music compliments the narration and video techniques.

Each manoeuvre – BACKLOOP, FORWARD and TRANSITIONS (jump, backloop and Forward loop)- are broken down as follows:

First Progression – Keep kite movements to a minimum
Initially we minimise use of the kite, to focus on body movement. We then run through a complete manoeuvre, stopping at key points to explain the process unfolding. Next we introduce the ‘key elements’ of the manoeuvre – Legs, Head & Shoulders, and Bar & kite. Using repetition, highlighting and multiple angles, we explain how you should these ‘key elements to improve technique.

Second Progression – Using the power of your kite
Here we involve the kite fully and see how it allows you to gain more height, and its effect of our rotation. Then we focus on the key elements in detail.

Common Mistakes
Although we cover mistakes as we go though the previous progressions, here we examine common situations that prevent you completing the manoeuvre, the reasons this is happening, and how to avoid it in the future.

Further Progression
By now you’ll want some more challenges. We demonstrate the more advanced variations of the manoeuvre, and give pointers on how to perform them. Discover how to control double rotations or make a grab.

For transitions we start with Jump transitions, and build on previous Progressions to help us with Backloop and Forward loop transitions.