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P40 EVA Wrapped SUP Handle

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Great paddle handle with EVA grip making it extremely comfortable!

This handle is extremely comfortable on the hands and offers excellent grip for the paddler!

 P40 EVA Wrapped SUP Handle replacement for worn or broken handles. This handle fits Kanaha Full Round Shafts only


Kanaha AC (Round Shaft)

Kanaha FG/CA (Round Shaft)

Kanaha Abstract (Round Shaft)

Kanaha All Fiberglass(Round Shaft)

Magic (Round Shaft)

Elite Race (Round Shaft)

Slim Jim (Round Shaft)

Big Mama Kalama (Round Shaft)

Timber (Round Shaft)

Peahi (Round Shaft)


The P40 is not compatible with tapered shafts and Flyweight, MicroFly or Sweeper paddles