Ozone Catalyst V1 2016

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The Catalyst is a fun filled kite designed to inspire entry level riders, and help them progress to the intermediate level. Its 'sheet in and go' power delivery, wide wind range and great upwind ability are some of the aspects that make this a great first edition to your quiver. 

SIZES: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14


The Catalyst has a simple pull-less bridle system that supports a unique leading edge arc and sweep shape that gives it a predictable power and lift capability that will bring a smile to your face. This unique design contributes to its exceptional re launch abilities, by pulling on the bar or the relaunch balls on the back lines, it rolls easily on the water and glides effortless to the edge of the wind window, ready for relaunch! The safety release system is their signature Front Line Flag Out design that uses the front line to flag out the kite when the emergency release is activated on the chicken loop. It instantly de powers, adding to the high safety level necessary for an entry level kite. 


Designed by OZ-CAD, a unique software designed to help designers formulate the aspects that improve leading edge inflatable kites.

TEIJIN TECHNO FORCE D2 & TEIJIN DACRON are the materials used in this kite. They are the best materials available on the market and make an absolutely solid build, allowing the kites to be highly durable, no matter what you throw at them!

HIGH VOLUME INFLATE & DEFLATE VALVES are used on the one pump inflation system to allow for the maximum volume of air while you inflate and deflate your kite.

BACKLINE TRIMMING OPTIONS are available on the kite so that the rider can adjust the turning speed and bar pressure on the kite to his preference.

LOAD DISTRIBUTION PANELS made from Teijin Dacron can be found throughout the kite in order to distribute the tension evenly across the canopy, improving the overall performance of the kite.

ANTI-FLAP BATTENS can be found along the trailing edge to reduce the wear and tear that the canopy receives when the kite is left flapping on the beach.

ABRASION RESISTENT SCUFF PADS can be found on the areas of the kite most like to drag on the beach to combat friction related damage