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Welcome to the 2nd stop of the 2016 ESSC SUP Tour held in St. Augustine at an exact beach entrance yet to be determined (Either Ocean Trace Beach Ramp or Mary St. Beach Ramp). Many of the beaches are still closed after the storm but look to be opened any day.

Please Pre-Register HERE so we can get going with heats right away, 8:00am. This 2nd stop will be a carry over and your points from contest 1 will be tallied to lead us towards the overall Finals coming up in December to determine the division champs respectively.


Mens Open
Women's Open
Masters Men (40 & up)
Legends Open (50 & up)
Classic SUP Toes 2 Nose

$35 to enter and $15 for each additional division entered.

Please reply with any questions and help share the event! Thank you and see you next weekend.