Prolimit Kitewaist Pro Harness

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Harness Kite Waist Pro

Top-end molded waist harness! . Optimized molded support and higher back and side profile for more body contact. Double buckles and mulitple Dura Core straps are spreading the Fat bar load over a bigger part of the harness body.

3D Shaping

3D shaping refers to the hourglass style shaping which is found in the structural layers of the harness. This shaping makes the harness fit anatomically correct and spreads the load for ultimate comfort and not unwanted movement no matter which direction the load is applied.

Superior fit and comfort
The fit is guaranteed by using the correct 3D anatomical model and aligns the harness surface with the body surface. This means no loaded edges and no unsupported sections in side the perimeter of the harness structure. Even load spread equals comfort.

Prolimit’s unique belt system
PL uses a neoprene based belt system. This is an improvement on the industry standard of elastic belts. The system has the following advantages:

High mechanical grip, the neoprene moulds to the body shape eliminating riding up of the harness
Extra flex and cushioning comfort
Freedom of movement. Edge flex of neoprene versus the hard tube edge of traditional belt allows more body bend in all directions.
Even tension spread across the belt which can change with body movement and breathing.
High mechanical grip, no riding up of the harness
Flexible belt so it adapts to your body. It follows the curves of your waist perfectly
Highest freedom of movement and comfort. Added comfort and the flex for unparalleled freedom of movement
Even tension around your waist, the evenly tension around the waist avoids rash and discomfort


- Pre-curved and 3D shaped
- 4 Point connected Neoprene belt
- High load optimised outline profile
- MPL Quad belt attachment
- Patented Pin Release bar system
- Slide in Barpad for no ride-up