HQ Hydra 350 trainer kite

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No Matter what type of kiteboarding sport you plan on going into, you will need to start with a trainer kite to be safe.  Kiteboarding sports can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, especially if the wind is erratic in nature.  You’d be surprised how often it changes directions within just a few minutes.

 The HQ Hydra 350  power kites are a great starter kite.

We have great deals on the HQ Power kite line up of training kites.  Plus we give up to $180 worth of Freebies with every purchase!  We love the HQ Hydra 350 and hydra 300 as we think they are the best trainer kite made with no equal!

HQ Powerkites makes the Hydra trainer kite that is a one of a kind kite that can be relaunched and used in the water, just like the big kites kiteboarders use.  So you will be training with a very similar type of kite from the start.

HQ has the Rush IV Pro and the Rush IV standard trainer kites as well.  The Pro is the 3 line version of the Rush IV kites, which are 2 lines.