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Ground School

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The Ground School Kitesurf lesson starts you off in a classroom setting at Ocean Extreme Sports where you'll cover the Level 1 IKO Discovery Skills which include:

  • Safe Kiting Conditions & Weather
  • Parts of the Kite/ Safety Systems
  • The Wind Window

From there, we'll go down to St. Augustine Beach or Matnazas Inlet depending on conditions and complete the following.

  • 4-Line Leading Edge Inflatable Kite Setup
  • Launching/ Landing
  • Basic Flying Maneuvers

At the end of the Ground School you'll be able to fly a 4-Line Kiteboarding kite and perform basic flying maneuvers such as turning, sheeting and knowing the safe conditions for kitesurfing in St. Augustine and other kite spots.

From here you'll move onto the Private Pilot portion of the Course and complete: