FCS II Mick Fanning Performance Core Tri Fins

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  • FCS II MF PC Tri set
  • FIN SPECS: Base: 4.49" / 114.0mm
  • Depth: 4.67" / 119mm
  • Area: 15.70" squared / 10131mm squared
  • Sweep: 36.0 degrees
  • Foil: Flat
  • PERFORMANCE CORE: Lighter than a traditional fibreglass fin thanks to the versatile RTM construction
  • Performance Core fins are very responsive, reliable and can be used in a variety of conditions
  • OPTIMUM WEIGHT RANGE: 65 - 80 kg (Size Medium)
  • IDEAL CONDITIONS: Down-the-line, open face waves, especially good in point and reef breaks
  • BOARD TYPES: Performance boards with moderate-to-extreme rocker and deep concaves
  • PLEASE NOTE: Designed for exclusive use with the FCS II Fin System. Will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

For powerful, fast surfing, you can't go wrong with Mick Fanning's large signature FCS II fin. The fin offers bursts of speed with a dynamic flex pattern, perfect for surfers who like to carve long roundhouse cutbacks and achieve maximum drive.