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Used F-One Madeiro 8'8

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Used F-One Madeiro 8'8

This used F-One Madeiro is in excellent condition with one repair on the nose rail. This is an excellent board for larger SUP Surfers looking to downsize to a more maneuverable/ performance based board or beginners looking for a stable platform to take in the surf. 

More about the Madeiro:

Lighting fast accelerations, maximum carving, tight turns, roller off the lip and re-entry… The MADEIRO are the boards of our pro-team and are developped by our best riders.

Fast and easy to get moving when paddling, the take-off is super fast with instant acceleration down to the bottom turn with a very intuitive carving. These boards offer a perfect longitudinal balance so that you can really focus on the wave instead of worrying with the board.

No need to force or move your feet around to turn the board: everything is natural.

It becomes easier to follow the progression of the wave and carve your lines. Being more accessible thanks to their width and volume, a lot of work went into these boards to keep the speed and acceleration that makes them ultra-responsive and just as impressive as their smaller siblings.