CoreVac Cannibal

CoreVac Cannibal Surf Hybrid 9'6

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Used Cannibal Surf Hybrid 9'6

This used Surf Hybrid 9'6 x 32" paddleboard is in like new condition and only a few months old. The owner is selling because he upgraded to a smaller board already. This board is excellent to learn how to paddlesurf on and is a great multi-purpose board as it's long center fin box allows for a larger fin making flat water paddling very easy. 

Surf Hybrid is a blend of flat water and surfing versatility! 

  • Highest performance wave-riding model at this length
  • Tons of board at this price
  • super versatile 
  • beginner or advanced rider
  • good for flatwater or surfing 
  • perfect for kids and yoga as well
  • You won't be disappointed!


  • No issues with resin shinkage changing to shape of the board. Every poly board is different from the last one because the resin shrinks dramatically when it kicks off. We lock down every board into an exact rocker position, so we can control the outcome of the ride. You really can get an exact replica magicboard.
  • The center of gravity moves way back behind the front foot as the weight of the fibers and fins are more pronounced in those areas. This make the board stick to your feet and rotate about that center of gravity much quicker without losing speed  ( this is a whole book in itself on benefits…. I need to write a paper here…..)
  • We recycle all of our leftover foam.
  • All material are fabricated in the USA.    (FCS Fusion box is our only import)