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Core Sensor 2S Pro (52cm, Carbon Tect 18-24m Lines)

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The whole feeling of the kite in flight is transferred through the bar and that is why Core has focussed so heavily on this product. This bar and lines system will give you the lightest, safest and most direct feeling bar on the market today and is loaded with technology. The Sensor 2S Pro bar is a titanium trussed, 100% carbon fiber control bar with a thin grip designed to optimize safety and enjoyment.



The CARBON FIBRE BAR reduces the weight to an incredible 200g while maintaining an extremely high tensile strength. Its low mass and low bar-end height reduces inertia and optimizes leverage. For perfect balance, control and response.

The TECTANIUM LINES are virtually tangle-free and don't stretch. The Tectanium center and steering lines are 400% more resistant to elongation and feature an unbelievable 50% greater breaking strength. To cap things off, the lines are 10% thinner and, therefore, more aerodynamic.

A CERAMIC UNTWIST system on the front front lines has never been easier. An improved, below the bar, swivel with hi-tech ceramic bearings unravels the front lines virtually on its own or whenever the bar is pulled in. The days of manually spinning the front line swivel are finally over. Pop the champagne!!!

The TITANIUM CORE has engineered an internal, aircraft quality, grade 5 titanium alloy truss to reinforce the bar. The titanium’s featherweight rigidity gives, in part, the Sensor 2S Pro’s direct feel. And it permits a reduced diameter, no cramp, grip.

ROTOR QUICKRELEASE is as simple as turning the mechanism in either direction for a simple, safe and intuitive process. It’s well known that more torque can be generated twisting than pushing or pulling. Unlike conventional systems, our quick release does not require you to overcome the pressure of  flowing water.

VARIO WIDTH is adjustable from 46cm to 52cm by moving one knot. The best design ideas are the simple ones. 

The WAKE STYLE KIT works with our Pro Leash and Pro Loop. Once installed, you can hook your Leash in semi-suicide mode. The kit makes it easier to hook in and out by moving the carabiner out of the way.