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Core Sensor 2S Plus (52cm, 18-24m Lines)

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CORE rightly believes that the bar is extremely important in optimizing the kites performance, they have focused on a minimalist design packed with technology that has reliable safety features. The 2S is basically and amped up version of their Sensor 2 bar that is brimming with technological innovations such as ceramic bearings that are used to auto untwist the power lines. The bar also has a Titanium core and adjustable length. The German engineers have focused on building a bar that is easy to use and emphasizes safety.



A CERAMIC UNTWIST system uses a swivel with hi-tech ceramic bearings unravels the front lines virtually on its own or whenever the bar is pulled in. The days of manually spinning the front line swivel are over. 

The S-NECK  is a stainless steel connection between the Rotor QR and the depower lines that is shaped to provide more symmetric pulling forces on the lines and a smoother auto untwist.

TECTANIUM S-SLIDE / DEPOWER LINES replaces the front lines from the “Y” to the chicken loop with our exclusive, no stretch, Tectanium. And we protect it with a 5.2mm, UV-stabilized, Polyether where it passes through the bar.

VARIO LINES replaces the standard 24m lines with 18m lines with a 2m and 4m extension. As a result, the Sensor 2S+ can be outfitted with 18, 20, 22 or 24m lines.

The 230G UNIBODY BAR gives a light and super direct feel. Inertia is reduced and leverage is optimized. The Sensor 2 has a deeply contoured EVA grip for lasting comfort while the reduced diameter grip makes gloved sessions more comfortable and less tiring.

A ROTOR QUICK RELEASE uses a twisting motion in either direction to activate the release as opposed to overcoming the flow of water on other release systems. It’s well known that more torque can be generated twisting than pushing or pulling.

The TITANIUM CORE makes this the strongest bar ever. Its engineered from aircraft quality, grade 5 titanium alloy truss. The titanium’s featherweight rigidity gives, in part, the Sensor 2's direct feel. And it permits a reduced diameter for better grip with no cramps.

The SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY means that when you flag out the kite will not flip over and fly upside down, a feature that is unique to this system.They achieved this by releasing 100% of the back lines that flags the kite mainly on one front line. But sufficient tension remains on the other front line to steer the kite down.

A VARIO WIDTH system allows you to adjust from 46cm to 52cm by moving one knot. The best design ideas are the simple ones.

The CORE LOOP/STICK SET is designed so the loop stick to move out of the way when unhooking so hooking back in is easier. This design also prevents unintentional unhooking too.

The SENSOR ADJUSTER is a one line, trim adjustment for those who prefer simplicity. Our clam cleat design reduces pulling effort by 25% which is noticeable in powered conditions.