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2016 Airush Lithium

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2016 Airush Lithium Kite

For the last 6 years, Airush has been refining a kite that pleases many kiteboarders and styles. From freeride, jumping and looping to the surf, the 2016 Airush Lithium is the do-all kite that you need in your quiver!

The Lithium has been Ocean Extreme Sports best selling kite since 2011 and we recommend this kite to just about every customer. We also use this kite in our school and have spent countless hours flying it.


2016 AIRUSH DYNEEMA LOAD FRAME from Airush on Vimeo.


New for the 2016 Airush Lithium

All New Design:

- Swept Wingtips: If you look at the pictures, you'll notice the tips are angled back toward the trailing edge instead of a continuous arc as in previous models. This has allowed the industries best re-launching kite to get out of the water even faster!

- Flatter Wingtips: Flattening the tips gives the kite a more direct feel while steering and more control while de-powered. If you notice on some kites, when you de-power, you also loose all steering. Not having control of your kite is not a good thing in any situation. These wingtips allow for maximum de-power while keeping enough tension in the rear lines to still steer the kite.

- Quality of Materials: Airush uses the best canopy fabric in the industry, Technoforce D2, and have engineered a Dyneema load frame to pair with it, making it the strongest canopy on the market. This combination reduces stretching by up to 30% and makes your kite last much longer. Read more about the load frame below.

- Strut Location: For 2016, the 3 strut layout has changed a little bit. The outer struts have been relocated toward the wingtip.

What Ocean Extreme Sports Likes:

1. Re-Launch: Who doesn't crash their kite? No hands went up... Without any bar input, the Lithium works it's way to the edge of the window almost on it's own. For 2016 the new wingtip design will only enhance this feature.

2. Safety & De-power: The Lithium's Delta-Hybrid shape allows for maximum de-power in a 4-Line kite. Coupled with the industry standard Brain Pushaway Quick release in the Progression and Core Bar, the Lithium is one of the safest kites on the market which is why we choose to use it in our school and why you should fly one. The V3 Bridle with 3 pulleys allows for a ton of de-power, giving these kites a large wind range.

3. Reduced Weight: Here in NE Florida, we specialize in light wind and primarily ride 12m & 14m kites. For 2016, the 12m, 14m and all new size 17m, Airush has focused on reducing weight to maximize performance on the low end of the wind range. Where some kites might feel heavy in the air and want to fall out, the lithium will stay flying and have a light feel.

4. THE BAG! This may seem like a minor complaint but what a difference it makes. The 2016 bag has an outside bar pocket as well as a pump attachment. There's nothing worse than not being able to fit all your gear in the bag after a session and we're glad Airush has taken the advice to bring back these features.

What flying changes you'll notice from from a 2015 Lithium (Now on SALE):

1. The 2016 kite will fly a little further forward in the window. This will increase it's upwind ability and take SOME bar pressure and grunt out that was felt in the 2015 kite.

2. More wind range in the smaller sizes and better top end. With the improvements in de-power, wingtips and strut layout, the 2016 kites have a higher top end while maintaining the low end of the wind range.

For more in depth information about the Canopy, Bridle, Dyneema Load Frame, Valves, Struts and more follow this link: