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DNA One-Pump SE

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The DNA SPS (Single Point Inflation System) is a Special Edition Kite for riders looking for an easy to re-launch kite that's stable and quality.

The DNA is great for beginner kiteboarders or schools looking for a low cost, stable, predictable, safe kite that relaunches with ease.

The DNA is a kite focused on beginner kiteboarding. This kite is thrill free, very easy to set up, predictable, instant relaunch with all the safety systems found in the entire Airush range. Based off the awarad winning Lithium, the DNA has a slightly larger leading edge forcing it to sit a little further back in the window, making the kite more stable and less likely to overfly your head. 

Key Features: 
- Plug and play simplicity
- Instand depower and wind range due to Delta Hybrid Design
- Fast and easy relaunch
- New Inflate/ Deflate Valve 

Target User:
- Entry Level riders and schools looking for a predictable stable kite for lessons and entry to kiteboarding.
- Great alternitive to a more expensive Airush Lithium