2017 Slingshot Asylum

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The Asylum is an aggressive freestyle board. Its fast top-end speeds, insane pop and aggressive edging is all designed for the progressive rider looking to pull some big freestyle moves. The largest rocker of the Slingshot range combined with a durable base layup make it an ideal board for those who ride all styles of freestyle. Its flex pattern and aggressive laser-cut channels are made for speed, grip and superior hydrodynamics.



CARBON BED INSERTS are replacing lasts years Fastrack system, saving 10% on weight and increasing strength by 30%. They have used the standard M6 hardware and have reinforced it with light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber that makes it feel solid on the water. This makes the board lighter with better flex control and increased feel.

All Slingshot BASE AND RAILS are lined with a layer of urethane rail, which provides dampening and protects the board from inevitable impact. For 2017, we’ve been able to achieve a broader, more vibrant range of colors for our urethane for an enhanced visual appeal.

Precise NACA TECH CHANNELS allow Slingshot to fine-tune each board in its lineup for specific performance characteristics. Channels improve water flow and board speed, grip and pop, edging and general performance and feel

The WOOD CORE boards are made in the USA from vertically laminated wood cores. This process uses the strength of the wood’s end grain and creates boards with great pop, rebound and flex characteristics.