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The UNIK is a freeride/freestyle crossover board that boasts a combination of high versatility with high performance for freestyle moves. It has impressive control as it is light and early planning thanks to its single concave bottom and low rocker. Its construction features an ABS side wall with a wood core, sandwiched by two layers of glass, making it extremely durable.



The Paulownia wood core is at the base sandwiched between 45 degree Bi-Axial and Uni-Directional glass fibre, all outlined by a ABS sidewall and completed by the top sheets. The foot mounts are ABS inserts reinforced with fiberglass. The construction is bomb proof!

The V DOUBLE CONCAVE bottom shapes combines a V shape with two concave channels. It provides maneuverability while the concave channels the water along the board. The result is a responsive board that is comfortable to ride with easy landings.

With the INVERTED RAIL, they have gained support and a more progressive contact in the water. Starting with a surfing rail type, they have kept the bottom part and the end result is a reversed rail profile.
Its entry into the water is more gradual and the board feedback is softer.

TWIST CARBON CONTROL controls the board’s twist and transversal reactivity. Depending on the model, this cross-shaped structure is either an add-on or cnc-machined directly into the wood core. The Twist Control can also optimize the ratio weight/rigidity and weight/reactivity.