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The TRAX HRD CARBON series has been designed as a professional freestyle board. It absorbs chop beautifully thanks to its thinner tips and remains responsive by maintaining a flatter deck shape. Its construction utilizes a carbon sheet to improve the strength and weight ratio of the board. The HRD Helical rail is a three part design, thin and defined in the centre and thick near the feet, then thinning out again towards the tips. It feels like you are riding above the water, not on it...


Helical Rail Design ( H.R.D.) is a rail which offers insane precision, directional stability, intense grip and comfort. The HRD Rail provides a truly unknown riding sensation like riding above the water. The 16mm thick rail also increases the resistance of the structure and prevents the twist of the board.

HYBRID CAP RAIL is a process which combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the toughness and durability of an ABS rail. As with a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to a surf style rail.

CONCAVE STEP DESIGN is the combination of a bottom concave and a channel which tightens the central part. This allows the board to plane in an instant, with strong upwind potential.The concave absorbs the chop and improves its grip on the water.The channel enhances the flow of the water and minimizes the pressure on the back foot, increasing comfort.

The DIRECT DRIVE refers to a board with minimal thickness, a full wood core and a fiberglass envelope. These elements provide maximum durability and make the board, responsive as it erases the flaws of the water surface.

The WOOD CORE forms the center of your board and gives it most of its physical properties: strength, flex and resilience.