2017 F-ONE SPICY Wakestyle board

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The SPICY is a dedicated wakestyle board, its shape has been designed to ride with bindings with a kite, or at a cable park. To compensate for the increased thickness of the board, it has been constructed with both Paulownia wood and closed cell foam at its core to keep the weight down. To maintain the flexibility of the board, its is also been built with off axis and uni directional fibre, to ensure the board has explosive pop off the water while remaining highly durable. The rocker line is very rounded to absorb those heavy landings, especially when unhooked.



DUAL CORE technology combines wood and closed-cell foam to achieve a board with ideal stiffness and weight.
Wake style boards perform better with a higher volume and therefore increased thickness. So in order to reduce the weight, closed-cell foam is used as part of the core material in low stress areas of the board while wood supports the structural areas.

The V DOUBLE CONCAVE bottom shapes combines a V shape with two concave channels. It provides maneuverability while the concave channels the water along the board. The result is a responsive board that is comfortable to ride with easy landings.

LIFTED TIP CHANNELS provide superior grip towards the tip of the board and are designed to be efficient during the pop.

HYBRID CAP RAIL is a process which combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the toughness and durability of an ABS rail. As with a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to a surf style rail.