2017 F-ONE NEXT Light Wind

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The NEXT has been designed as the ultimate freeride board. It has rounded tips that make it very forgiving and a straight rocker for faster planing, especially in the larger sizes. Its single concave bottom and flex ensures that it absorbs chop, making it easy to use even in rougher conditions. Its construction feature ABS side walls and a reinforced deck making the NEXT extremely durable, no matter what you throw at it.



Once again F-One have done a fantastic job in engineering this board. The Paulownia wood core base is sandwiched between Bi-Axial glass fibre with an extra deck support, outlined by a ABS sidewall. The foot mounts are ABS inserts reinforced with fiberglass.

With the INVERTED RAIL, they have gained support and a more progressive contact in the water. Starting with a surfing rail type, they have kept the bottom part and the end result is a reversed rail profile.
Its entry into the water is more gradual and the board feedback is softer.

The WOOD CORE forms the center of your board and gives it most of its physical properties: strength, flex and resilience.

The DIRECT DRIVE refers to a board with minimal thickness, a full wood core and a fiberglass envelope. These elements provide maximum durability and make the board, responsive as it erases the flaws of the water surface.