2017 F-One Bandit

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This is the tenth edition of the F-ONE Bandit, it has been F-One's best selling kite for over a decade. Whether you are learning your first jumps, riding strapless on waves or throwing unhooked tricks, the Bandit always delivers.

A decade of BANDITS

The patented DELTA C SHAPE concept that was developed with the BANDIT answers to all disciplines of kiteboarding. The quality of flight behavior achieved with this shape creates a kite that is both smooth and controllable, but can still pack a punch when you ask for it. It does all of this while remaining very user friendly, safe and easy to relaunch off the water. F-One takes no shortcuts when releasing a new model, testing over 70-80 prototypes over a 10 month period. Needles to say, the end result is nothing short of stunning!

So what is new on the BANDIT X?

New to the BANDIT X

A lot of the focus with the BANDIT X has been on the ride. They have achieved less lateral pull from the kite, taking the pressure of your back and legs, meaning you can pop more aggressively at lower speeds. This also improves its handling in high wind conditions, as the kite is more stable even as you battle through chop. The wingtips are  wider and squarer, increasing responsiveness and maneuverability, giving the kite a more intuitive feel. All of these small tweaks have increased the boost, hang time and lift of the Bandit that it had always been known for. Of course the safety aspect has not been forgotten; the construction quality, easy relaunch and efficient safety release system which is easy to reconnect, all contribute to the kites high safety level.


The Delta C-Shape is a patented design developed by F-One for the last 8 years. It optimizes aerodynamic performance while maintaining a good de-power. It is able to fit more projected area onto the canopy, while the C shape allows for more responsive and intuitive steering. While in flight the shape provides excellent stability and steering response when de-powered.

The EVO De-power concept is a basic four line system, with a 4m safety line featuring a V shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines. This provides a direct and responsive control of the kite, with a good de-power system that does not affect its direct feel. When the safety release is activated, the kite flags out neatly onto the safety line killing the power instantly.

The Auto Relaunch is thanks to its Delta C-Shape allowing the kite to roll onto its side and glide effortlessly to the edge of the wind window and relaunch position.

The TECHNOFORCE used on the canopy is a double ripstop material developed by TEIJIN. It is a high density Polyester  fabric with a tear stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn.