2017 Crazyfly Elite

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Crazy Fly have taken no shortcuts with the Elite, focusing on creating a board that uses the most advanced technologies and materials as possible. It is not your average full carbon fibre board, it is made with HMX-CF carbon that is so strong, they were able to use only one layer on each side. This means that the board is extremely light with a comfortable medium flex, it feels light and lively on the water and is able to absorb chop effortlessly. The board is also designed with load and pop dynamics, giving it great launch capabilities. The Elite is a masterpiece of light weight carbon engineering and demonstrates the outstanding expertise of CrazyFly technology. The board comes in a one of a kind custom tailored hard case. This unique boardbag has been designed to always keep the Elite board safe during travels and trips to the beach.


HMX-CF CARBON is the most advanced carbon fiber technology. The combination of Nano-technology, carbon nanotube reinforced resin and T1000G carbon fiber create the world’s highest strength fiber. The cohesion between the fibers is improved and allows for incredible strength even at off-axis fiber directions. This has allowed them to use less fibre more effectively.

CARBON TOUCH TECHNOLOGY utilizes Nano-technology, which incorporates a reinforced epoxy resin as well as T1000G carbon fiber. The bonding between the fibers is improved compared to traditional methods, making T1000G the world’s highest tensile strength fiber.

The FEATHER LIGHT construction has made this the lightest board on the market today. The engineers have spent tremendous amount of time searching for options to strip down weight without compromising performance. With specially sourced ultra light wood cores, used exclusively in the Elite boards, and the most advanced carbon technology so far, they have succeeded!