2017 Crazyfly Cruiser

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Its name offers a big clue as to what the designers were thinking when they made this board. It is a lightwind cruiser but do not let that fool you, due to its carbon construction it can also be seriously fun and absorb its fair share of abuse. Its flex suits both the intermediate and advanced rider, absorbing chop with its flat rocker and squared outline. The Cruiser has the lightest and strongest wood core in their range, which is reinforced with carbon ensuring that the board is very light - even in the larger sizes.


FULL CARBON CONSTRUCTION boards are irreplaceable. Carbon fibers are ultra light and at the same time extremely strong. This material is very dynamic and it returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed, which provides loads of pop in carbon fiber boards.

The FLAT BOTTOM shape has superior gliding performance, but does not provide as much grip as the concave shapes.

You can still get GREAT POP from this board, even though it is not designed to give maximum pop.