2017 Crazyfly Bulldozer

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This board has been designed for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking to throw down some impressive freestyle maneuvers. It has four separate concaves in the middle giving it fantastic edging, comfort and landings that your knees will appreciate! At the tips of the board it has a Hexa concave for increased stiffness and supreme load and pop. It has been shaped and constructed to be ridden hard and it delivers intense power on the water. It has a unique Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement in the center of the board to increase the board dynamics and pop. It is compatible with both straps and bindings.


UD KEVLAR is a high strength and low weight composite material used in military and space industries. This high-tech material provides extra strength and pop for the boards, which are designed for freestyle and wakestyle.

X CARBON construction makes the board stiffer and more responsive in off-axis directions which provides amazing pop while the board does not feel too stiff.

Due to MULTIAXIAL FIBER GLASS the board has more flex in torsion and still remains very strong, as the fibers reinforce the board in multiple directions.

HEXA BOTTOM CHANNELS of the board’s tips provides ultra load ‘n‘ pop. It also gives the board superior grip and makes landings more comfortable.

The QUATTRO CONCAVE shape provides superior grip, comfort, and the softest possible landings.