2017 Crazyfly Allround

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The Allround has been designed as an affordable, high quality board that not only looks cool but performs extremely well. It has a new outline and a single concave bottom with squared off tips that give it a smooth comfortable ride that tracks effortlessly upwind. It is a incredibly easy to use, comfortable board with soft flex and decent pop that delivers fantastic performance on the water for all levels and style of rider.



The SINGLE CONCAVE BOTTOM and Synergy Sidewals make carving and transitions smooth. The board is very stable and easier to control.

Due to MULTIAXIAL FIBER GLASS the board has more flex in torsion and still remains very strong, as the fibers reinforce the board in multiple directions.

CNC SHAPED WOOD CORE is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard, therefore they choose only the finest wood cores for all their kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline and drill holes of all cores.

The LIGHT UP SIDEWALLS are transparent and literally light up when the sun shines in. These high-tech urethane side walls are a synergy of two polymers directly bonded with the wood core. As a result, Synergy side walls have extremely high impact and abrasive resistance.