2017 Crazyfly Addict

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The 2017 Addict has been designed as a dedicated freestyle wakestyle crossover board that will be as crazy as the person riding it, it is designed to push the limits. The right angle channels on the board tips provide plenty of edge grip while the carbon construction ensures a truly aggressive pop. As a wakestyle board, it is designed to be ridden in boots and has Kevlar reinforcements to guard against the inevitable bumps and scratches it will receive from sliders or kickers. Sidewalls are stronger and lighter than ever with an attractive color changing look. This is a world class freestyle board.


The RIGHT ANGLE CHANNELS on the tips offer unrivaled grip for load and pop swell as helping with finless riding. Riding the Addict without fins makes it ideal for hitting kickers and sliders while kiting, or at cable parks.

UD KEVLAR is a high strength and low weight composite material used in military and space industries. This high-tech material provides extra strength and pop for the boards, which are designed for freestyle and wakestyle.

Due to MULTIAXIAL FIBER GLASS the board has more flex in torsion and still remains very strong, as the fibers reinforce the board in multiple directions.

X CARBON construction makes the board stiffer and more responsive in off-axis directions which provides amazing pop while the board does not feel too stiff.

PROGRESSIVE FLEX TECHNOLOGY on the board increases from the center towards the tips. This technology provides natural flex of the whole board and balanced pop.

EDGE CONTROL TRACK on the bottom of the board provides excellent grip, better upwind and great tracking abilities of the board.

CNC SHAPED WOOD CORE is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard, therefore they choose only the finest wood cores for all their kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline and drill holes of all cores.