2017 Cabrinha XCaliber

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This board is a no nonsense, high performance freestyle board that is guaranteed to put a massive grin on any advanced/intermediate riders face. Its high performance stems from the extensive use of carbon during construction that stiffens the flex pattern, for maximum response and mind boggling pop. The rocker line allows for great drive into powered freestyle moves while retaining upwind performance. The double concave with cantered rail panels shift into a quad concave tip bottom shape. This channels the water flow for maximum edge control, board response, and smooth landings. A single pour, ultra-bond liquid polyurethane elastomer around the entire board is the ultimate impact resistance.


Customized DOUBLE BIAS CARBON FIBRE is a lightweight and durable laminate that maximizes performance by stiffening the flex pattern for increased response and explosive pop. 

They use a PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE which is vertically laminated for optimal strength, less weight and to allow the board to flex more naturally. This premium cut has a higher number of continuous vertical strips free of finger joints for a smooth flex pattern.

The unique HEX FLOW POLYCARBONATE FINS feature a hexagon dimpled pattern over the surface of the fin. The hex pattern helps to create a boundary layer which assists in the laminar flow over the fin, reducing drag.

The FAST ROCKER provides razor sharp responsiveness and stability for landings. This rocker shape will get you up and riding quickly and upwind fast.

Stiff PRO LEVEL FLEX requires a more aggressive riding style rewarding you with explosive pop and rock solid landings.