2017 Cabrinha Stylus

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The 2017 Cabrinha Stylus is a light wind machine, the outline and rocker line makes it all happen. Its wide throughout the center and tips giving you a lot of planing area, it also has pretty straight rails creating speed by cutting though water and edging. Cabrinha has kept the bottom of the board with a single concave to reduce drag and have added a little rocker to the tips to increase performance for your jumps and tricks.


They use a PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE which is vertically laminated for optimal strength, less weight and to allow the board to flex more naturally. This premium cut has a higher number of continuous vertical strips free of finger joints for a smooth flex pattern.

The unique HEX FLOW POLYCARBONATE FINS feature a hexagon dimpled pattern over the surface of the fin. The hex pattern helps to create a boundary layer which assists in the laminar flow over the fin, reducing drag.

The LIGHTWIND ROCKER gets you up on a plane with the least amount of power possible.