2017 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x w/Trimlite

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 This unique controlling systems overdrive feature allows the rider to change between 48cm to 56cm so efficiently it can be done on the water. This allows the rider to chose between having maximum turning speed for kite loops or minimum speed for unhooked riding. The stainless steel Trimlite cleat de-power system is precise, light weight and easy to use. The Overdrive 1X control system is available with the Fireball or QuickLoop connection methods. 



The FIREBALL option focuses the pull of the kite straight to your core for maximized control and has a naturally integrated swivel.

The QUICKLOOP feature works great for unhooked maneuvers, has a quick and easy quick release mechanism and a simple 1X security activation and reset. 

The OVERDRIVE system allows the rider to quickly change his bar setting for higher turning speed.

A TRIMLITE de-power system uses a durable stainless steel cleat with integrated bungee to reduce tail flop.