2017 Cabrinha Chaos

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The CHAOS is a dedicated competition C-kite designed for freestyle that has proven itself time and time again, most recently in the Free Style World Tour Championship in 2016 by team rider Liam Whaley. Featuring a double ripstop canopy and extended suspension lines to the leading edge, this kite holds its shape through the toughest of flight maneuvers. If you're serious about freestyle and willing to take it to the next level, this kite will take you there!

SIZES:  5.5 / 7 / 9 / 11 /13


This is a no nonsense C-Kite thoroughbred. Its high aspect ratio, five strut design is supported by suspension lines that cradle the leading edge. This helps maintain the ARC and stability of the kite, and allows it fly through the tightest of loops while maintaining a steady pull as opposed to pivoting. The bar pressure is light while maintaining a direct and intuitive feel to it, as well as allowing enough slack after popping for the advanced freestyle tricks. The bar comes standard with a fully adjustable system, allowing you to lengthen it for faster turning or shorten it for more stability. 


  • Excellent wind range
  • Variable steering options
  • Competition C-kite design
  • Supported ARC technology 
  • Sharp and powered turning radius
  • Explosive pop



A-B settings from Cabrinah on their wing tips, allows the rider to change the bar pressure, kite flying position and de-power range of their kite. We recommend you try them both to find what setting works better for you.

2DR Ripstop; 5 years of testing and development have led to the high quality woven fabrics you can find on todays Cabrinah. The Volae materials have been custom made for kiteboarding unlike some of the generic sail cloth available on the market, making it the extremely low stretch and highly durable.

The Sprint Airlock Inflation system that comes standard with your Cabrinah is one of the fastest inflation systems on the market today. It features a large one way inflation valve, capable of transferring a large volume of air to your kite quickly, as well as a simple dump valve system to deflate it.

The Dynamic Arc design used by Cabrinah allow two shapes in the kite, one while in flight and the other when resting on the water. While in flight, the kite is supported by the front lines and bridle, creating its shape for intended use. While in the water the kite holds a dynamic arc, allowing for an easy and intuitive water relaunch.

The Pure Profile Panel technology developed for the switch blade, segments the canopy panels to allow a natural smooth arc shape while it in flight. The curvature has increased the aerodynamic control of the kite giving it a broader range of performance.

PRO SPAN technology on the canopy improves the relationship between the canopy and the "lifting canopy area". This ensures that the majority of the canopy is working in a lifting capacity increasing speed and upwind performance. Once in flight, the kite has decreased drag and becomes extremely efficient by having a more focused lifting area.