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2017 Axis Limited

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The Axis is a bare to the bone, dedicated freestyle board. It is made of 100% BI-Axial Carbon wrapped around the Paulownia wood core that controls the flex to give you one of the most mind bending pops that any board has had to offer. It retains the outline, channels and rocker of the 2016 model but has a new FAT rail  that offers a more balanced, stable ride. The all new ARC rocker creates a continuos arc that completely absorbs chop and locks the rail in high speed carves. The Limited is their highest performing kiteboard. 



A 100% BI-AXIAL CARBON construction not only makes the board durable, but gives it an incredible pop off the water.

A clear TPU FOIL & BOTTOM SHEET highlights the carbon layup and graphics. The finish is incredibly durable with a color that lasts.

The PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE has the highest strength to weight ratio of any timber, making the core both light and strong.

The FAT RAILS are made from a colorful material that bonds extremely well giving it a solid construction,