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2017 Axis Division

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This is a new board for Axis in 2017. Its medium rails, new rocker, tips and bottom channels are designed to excel in all disciplines and conditions that kiteboarding has to offer. It has a straighter outline in the middle while being more curved in the tips making it a very stable and comfortable board to ride. The outline, flex, and bottom shape allow this board slice through chop and still deliver when you decide to go a bit crazy.



A CARBON/GLASS blend of the board provides an extremely durable product with great controlled flex and excellent pop.

A clear TPU FOIL & BOTTOM SHEET highlights the carbon layup and graphics. The finish is incredibly durable with a color that lasts.

The PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE has the highest strength to weight ratio of any timber, making the core both light and strong.

The PU RAILS are made from a colorful material that bonds extremely well giving it a solid construction,