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2017 Axis Bootleg

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This year, the younger sibling of the Billy and Tranq is returning, the 2017 Axis Bootleg 137 x 42. The Bootleg has been totally designed for wakestyle and is just at home on a kite as it is at the cable park. It has a deck shape that eliminates boot wobble, giving a more solid connection, and features a slight concave. It has central channel that reduces drag and added buoyancy that makes it ride higher in the water from a thicker midsection and rails. The grip comes from the tips that have channels for better popping and allows you to lock into pipes and rails more easily. The newly designed rail allows more flex and added protection from knocks and bumps on obstacles. For 2017 the AXIS wake style boards have a new base construction which makes them even stronger for hitting rails and ramps. If you are looking for a board smaller than 138 then the Bootleg will be ideal for you.