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2017 Airush Team Wave

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The WAVE is a dedicated wave kite, its ability to fly more forward in the wind window allows the rider to ride deeper into the pocket of the wave than before. Its characteristic ability to drift backwards as you ride towards it, absorbing the line slack, is a feature highly sought after in a wave riding kite.

SIZES: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12


This kites chord length, canopy and wingtips have all been designed to ensure it has a smooth power delivery, and remains sharp and responsive in the waves. Its three strut design has the ability to execute a turn while drifting, regardless of where it is sitting in the wind window, all while remaining stable. It has a shorter bridle length than the previous year to avoid tangles when the kite rolls on the water. The dyneema load frame synonymous with Airush has enabled them to create the kite at an optimum weight for drift stability.


The Dyneema Load Frame technology ensures that the load of the kite is absorbed not by the canopy, but by a low stretch, light weight web of yarn called dyneema. This eliminates the stretch of the canopy cloth and is a unique design to Airush kites.

The Technoforce D2 fabric used on this kite has survived vigorous testing and emerged as the highest long term reliable fabric available. It is used in combination with the dyneema load frame, making it low stretch and highly UV stable.

A V3.2 Bridle System is shorter than last year, giving this kite unparalleled turning speed and depower. The position of the bridles and pulleys give the perfect combination of a light bar feel with enough direct response to really feel the kite, even when fully de-powered.

The Line Adjustment System on the rear lines allows you to easily adjust the bar pressure and response time. The setting closest to the wingtip will decrease the bar pressure and increase the turning speed, while further away from the wingtip will do the opposite.

Airush Bumpers can be found throughout the leading edge in order to increase the longevity of your kite by reinforcing it against the typical wear and tear it may receive on rough surfaces.

Kevlar, the material found in bullet proof vests, can be found throughout the kite to reinforce critical areas prone to damage, all while minimizing it weight.

The FBI (fast bladder inflation) system uses a single point inflation and deflation system with a large diameter tubing to get you out on the water faster than the rest!