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2017 Airush Livewire Team

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This is the freestyle weapon of choice for team rider Alex Pastor, the World Championship title holder. This year the board has an increased stiffness in the tips to accentuate pop and drive, as well as a dual rocker and deep channels for powered riding. The pop is increased by the Carbon Torsion working with the shape that allows the board to tension up during load and the release to provide an aggressive launch of the water. The combination of a wood core and laminate provides a smooth landing, even on the most powered tricks by being able to absorb the impact. The lightweight top sheet outer layer is durable without adding unnecessary weight.



The Airush MULTIZONE BIOTECH CONSTRUCTION consists of a Paulownia wood core sandwiched vertically. Their laminated wood cores are known for their nimble feel in the water, durability and smoothness.

The CARBON TORSION CONTROL controls the where the board flexes and there it remains flatter. The heel edge area is more reinforced making the board more comfortable and fast while the tips are flexible to absorb the chop.

DUAL ROCKER CHANNEL TIPS offer a unique rocker giving the smaller sizes a slightly fatter rocker for acceleration, while the larger sizes have more rocker for better performance with boots. The outer rail has a flatter rocker for better edging, upwind and light-wind performance while the higher rocker centre section enhances the loading for wakestyle riding.