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2017 Airush Livewire

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This board has been constructed to take maximum abuse and come out unscathed. It has a heavy-duty sintered base and solid layup to prepare the board for the damage that a slider or riding the park will throw at it. It has stiffer tips than last year to maximize pop, and the deep channel and dual rocker enhance the ability to ride more powered. It has been designed to absorb the forces asserted to it when riding with boots by Airush's try-axial glass layup and Carbon Torsion Control. This is the stiffest board on the Airush lineup and is ideal for huge powered moves and park style sessions.


 The Airush MULTIZONE BIOTECH CONSTRUCTION consists of a Paulownia wood core sandwiched vertically. Their laminated wood cores are known for their nimble feel in the water, durability and smoothness.

The CARBON TORSION CONTROL controls the where the board flexes and there it remains flatter. The heel edge area is more reinforced making the board more comfortable and fast while the tips are flexible to absorb the chop.

The HD GRANITE base is very durable multipurpose sintered base. It makes the board an excellent cross over for wakestyle and sliders or kickers. Its dual composite bottom sheet is self lubricating and very resistant to abrasions.