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2017 Airush Diamond Surf

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This board has been built specifically for the female rider as it has a reduced volume and narrower stance to better suit smaller riders. It features and intermediate length and width that makes it more stable in high winds as well as the drive needed to deal with poor conditions. Its single concave bottom keeps the Diamond loose and responsive.


The FLYTECH construction combines a lightweight EPS core with a sandwich hi-density standing area, for a great combination of strength and reduced weight. Due to the lightweight core, the Flytech construction makes use of additional layers of glass fiber, resulting in an extremely durable outside skin ideal for everyday riding.

The ACTIVE CARBON is Airush’s patented Active Technology combining revolutionary flex and strength in a full carbon construction. Its key feature is the ultra-lightweight carbon I-beam through the center of the board. This prevents the board from flexing excessively and damaging the laminate. The secret to the Active Technology flex is the high memory polypropylene flex zone, which works with with the flexible bi-axial carbon skins to flex and compress within a safe range.

The ACTIVE BAMBOO construction stems from the patented Active Stringer and is built of Entropy Super Sap Resin Systems, which reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the more popular epoxies. The raw materials going into Entropy Resins are co-products or waste products of industrial processes.