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2017 Airush Diamond Bar

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This Female specific bar has been tweaked for smaller hands and shorter arms by reducing the distance of the depower and reducing the diameter of the bar for better grip. These feature make it safer sand more controllable to handle. It comes full of the same 2017 technology updates as all the other bars on the range.



FEMALE ERGONOMIC DESIGN is totally focused on the female riders. It has a more compact control set up which keeps the de power easily within reach which is definitely important for a comfortable and safe ride

The 19MM GRIP is comfortable for smaller hands or for riders looking to trow handle pass tricks.

The BRAIN QUICK RELEASE and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush System perfect and easy to use. Continuing for 2017, the low- Y on the center lines allows for a quick single-line flag out for those situations where you need it the most.

The PU COATED DEPOWER LINE makes sheeting in and out effortless with two minimal diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline
increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.

The SLIDING STOPPER is a easy yet safe system that can help riders reduce fatigue while on their longer sessions but will not function in high winds for safety reasons.

The PULL PULL de-power system uses two color coded toggles for trimming your kite to adjust it to the optimum power setting for the day

The Airush MOLDED BAR FLOATS give the bar buoyancy to aid riders in relaunching and self rescues.

The LEASH ATTACHMENT with an additional ring allows riders to switch from freeride to suicide effortlessy.