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2017 Airush Cypher Flytech

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The width of this board is key to its performance in light wind, small wave onshore performance. It also has a a full nose section allowing the rider to move forward on the board for earlier planing during a light wind session or step back to ride with more aggression. The Cypher has a relatively straight tail section that pulls in quite significantly for its width, allowing the tail to bury more into the water for more powerful turns. It has a straighter hip to add stability to the board in higher winds and high speed bottom turns, this also aids its versatility to cope with both onshore and side shore wind.


The FLYTECH construction combines a lightweight EPS core with a sandwich hi-density standing area, for a great combination of strength and reduced weight. Due to the lightweight core, the Flytech construction makes use of additional layers of glass fiber, resulting in an extremely durable outside skin ideal for everyday riding.