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2017 Airush Converse Active Wood

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The Converse has more curve in the hip to keep a looser feel, aswell as having a straighter outline in the nose due to the increased length maintaining the classic feel. The width on 5’11 Converse is comparable to the 5’8 Compact in the mid-section, but the Converse has a slightly wider tail. The wider tail keeps drive and maneuverability at lower speeds. The Converse has a straighter back section going into a round tail, which keeps some drive through turns, specifically when combined with the higher rocker. The wide point on Converse is further back to keep the board loose and responsive.


The ACTIVE BAMBOO construction stems from the patented Active Stringer and is built of Entropy Super Sap Resin Systems, which reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the more popular epoxies. The raw materials going into Entropy Resins are co-products or waste products of industrial processes.