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2017 Airush Compact Active Carbon

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The compact will help riders to really "hook" around the end of a top turn with its stepped hip area that maintains width further forward on the board and hooked nose. The width on the 5’8 Compact is comparable to the 5’11 Converse in the centre section but the Compact has a slightly narrower tail. The narrower tail makes the control the board in higher wind or at higher speed easier as well as allowing it to be more buried on the top turn.



The ACTIVE CARBON is Airush’s patented Active Technology combining revolutionary flex and strength in a full carbon construction. Its key feature is the ultra-lightweight carbon I-beam through the center of the board. This prevents the board from flexing excessively and damaging the laminate. The secret to the Active Technology flex is the high memory polypropylene flex zone, which works with with the flexible bi-axial carbon skins to flex and compress within a safe range.