2016 Touring 14'x31" Inflatable Deluxe

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  • 14’0” length with narrow nose and tail provides exceptional speed
    for covering distance quickly.
  • 31” width has comfortable stability for a family day trip, a weekend
    exploring trip or even those far away expeditions.
  • Only board to have an extra bungee fitted on the tail for carrying
    extra gear to stay on the water for longer.
  • Available in Deluxe Technology.

Features include:

  • Dual Stringer on the deck for increased rigidity.
  • Carbon Rails for extra support in the critical standing area.
  • 6” Dropstitch with uni-directional connecting yarns increasing longitudinal stiffness.
  • Half Layer PVC laminates reduces the weight significantly.
  • Linear dropstitch.

Added Features:

  • EVA Carry handle.
  • Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail.
  • Integrated tow ring in the valve area and bottom of the nose.

Fin box:

  • Side fins will fit the standard removable
    Surfinz or your favourite FCS fins.
  • Universal US Center Fin Box to fit all sizes of fins. Short for easy board roll up.
  • Supplied with black injected moulded fins.