Riviera Nugg

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The Riviera Nugg is a great paddlesurf board for entry SUP Surfers at 9'2x31" or for women looking for a light paddleboard they can handle out of the water. 

We recommend the Nugg to two types of paddlers. 

1. Women who are looking for a light-weight, affordable board they can handle out of the water that still offers stability and flat water tracking. 

2. Any paddler under 180lbs looking to get into paddlesurfing but still wants the option to paddle flat water. 

This shape allows for easy paddling into waves with a flatter center and pin tail while maintaining stability and speed with moderate rocker in the nose to prevent pearling on the drop. The tail pad has a kick stop on the rear to keep your foot on the board for high-performance surf maneuvers or you can wax the nose for longboard style riding. 

This board comes with a 2+1 Fin setup with a 7" center fin and futures side bites. 

Full Dimensions:  9'2 x 31" x 4.5" 151L 23lbs 

Can I use the Turbo Nugg to Paddleboard flat water?

Yes! At Ocean Extreme, we love the Nugg and Turbo because it's a great multi-purpose board that's more on the surf side but can still be used on flat water. With the standard center fin box you can still put a larger fin in and get good tracking in flat/ choppy water or distance paddles. 

What is the weight limit on the Turbo Nugg Paddle SurfBoard?

At 150 Liters, 9'2x31"x4.5" the Turbo Nugg will comfortably float a beginner paddlesurfer up to 180lbs. If you're larger, this is a board you can grow into. It will be challenging at first but comfortable after a couple sessions. Please keep in mind the conditions also determine a boards stability.

Riviera Turbo Nugg Construction