2016 F-One Long Distance Gun Surfboard

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Able to maintain an average speed of 20 knots over 100 miles, reaching a impressive top speed of 30 knots, this board is the ultimate long distance race board for those of you that are drawn to the open ocean and the race discipline. The board is able to plane on its center section and straight rocker producing fantastic speed and acceleration all while its massive concave detours the chop. The tail is slightly lifted to ease the ride in rough seas while the pronounced forward scoop helps you maintain control and prevents the nose from digging in. To increase the comfort necessary to hold a tack down for an extended amount of time, the board is thicker under the front foot but super thin under the rear foot. This helps you keep your back leg straighter which reduces the stresses. A lower volume at the back also helps with high speed control.


The CARBON RAILS that frame the boards are there to optimize the stiffness and sturdiness of the board. The carbon was laid along the rails in an arc shape with the strands in a vertical position to optimize the strength and weight of the carbon fiber.

The CONCAVE DECK It allows to both lower the center of gravity and increase the control while reducing the thickness of the board under the front feet, without affecting the rails profiles. The concave deck provides a significant gain in controls during turns.

The FULL BAMBOO construction has been developed to strengthen the hull and the deck o the board. An optimal ratio weight/ resistance has been achieved!