2016 Crazyfly Raptor

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For the Raptors 10th birthday, they have given it a complete makeover. It now has a brand new Multi Channel bottom shape and V tips giving it a amazing blend of speed and grip.  The new Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails for better edging and fantastic upwind performance. The new construction that utilizes multi axial fiberglass and X Carbon gives it a more comfortable ride, that still has a great pop. It also has new Light Up sidewalls that are stronger and lighter than ever with an attractive color changing look.


The new STEP CAP allows for thinner rails which enhance the upwind and tracking abilities of the board.

The New X CARBON CONSTRUCTION makes the board stiffer and more responsive in off-axis directions which provides amazing pop while the board does not feel too stiff.

The new V TIPS SHAPE provides for excellent upwind and plenty of grip for loading up jumps.