2016 Celeritas - Slingshot

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This board has been branded as Slingshots do it all surf board. It has a sturdy body, curvy outline and rounded thumb tail with a mild rocker that blends from the center to the tail. The outcome is an extremely aggressive yet surprisingly stable board that it is able and willing to tackle all conditions that you can throw at it. It has a stomp pad and tail inserts have been moved back over the fins to allow riders a more aggressive stance and attack. Also new, the 5-11 version is re-tuned for lighter-wind performance with slightly wider dimensions and a flatter rocker.



KEYLESS INSTALLATION FINS allow the rider to easily attach his fins allowing you to easily adapt to the condition of the day.

FLUID X technology has been deprived from the snowboarding industry to absorb the vibrations of the water. It creates a smooth and clean feel as well as offering torsion control that improves the dynamic behavior of the core construction.

HONEYCOMB CONSTRUCTION is a light weight composite frame encapsulated by high density foam, reducing weight while maintaining flex.