2016 Angry Swallow - Slingshot

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The angry swallow truly is a unique board by shape and design, it has a short stubby nose, wide midsection and tri-fin swallow tail. On the water it is stable with a snappy response that is great for waves and freestyle alike. It is an excellent all round contender but really stands out in marginal wave conditions when a lot of other boards struggle. It comes with the inserts and foot straps but also excels when ridden strapless.



FLUID X technology has been deprived from the snowboarding industry to absorb the vibrations of the water. It creates a smooth and clean feel as well as offering torsion control that improves the dynamic behavior of the core construction.

HONEYCOMB CONSTRUCTION is a light weight composite frame encapsulated by high density foam, reducing weight while maintaining flex.

KEYLESS INSTALLATION FINS allow the rider to easily attach his fins allowing you to easily adapt to the condition of the day.